Monday, June 23, 2008

Water, Must Have Water

I am the woman in the desert, each day reaching for the water that's not there, or draining the last few drops from a glass that just barely wet my tongue. Stuck in the glider rocker or on the couch, with that parched feeling that happens about two minutes into nursing, I look around with panic, eyes franticly searching for a solution to my need. And asking myself for the 1,277th time in the past 3 1/2 years, why did I not check for water first?

My dream is that in every room in our house there would be equal opportunity to get water. No more slow-trickle tap water from the upstairs bathroom. No more filling the cheapo brand Brita pitcher. No more wondering if the fridge filter still works, but hey, it's cold. No more wishing and hoping for a better tomorrow that has plenty of rushing water throughout the house. Now is the time for H2O freedom, the glug glug of multiple 50-gallon jugs with a free-flowing tap (and some child safety feature ideally, or we'd be asking for own mini-flood) as the water gushes into my glass right next to our bed, the rocker, the couch. What a day that will be. With *your help*, it can be a reality. Just $1 a day toward our water rejuvenation fund will help provide clean, healthy water for this thirsty, tired nursing mom. Send your gift today!

1 comment:

Robert said...

Sorry, no gift today; budgets tight. But I can respect and appreciate your parched sentiments.

Love you and your writing.
- Robert