Friday, March 21, 2008

Ode to Charlie

You came into this world as fast as can be
Two hours, two pushes and then you were free
And 15 months later I’m still sprinting after thee
Oh Charlie, our Charlie, you busy baby

There are times when you squeal just to get me to look
Other times I catch you first because I read you like a book
I try to cater to your needs, but my sanity was took
Oh Charlie, our Charlie, please let me off the hook

You are into the cabinets before I can say lickety splat
For that is what you do when you get a hold of that
It doesn’t matter what container you’re sneaky as a rat
Oh Charlie, our Charlie, if only you just sat

Often you are bouncing for an hour in your bed
You’re tired but you’re curious and that fills up your head
While others count sheep you are counting books instead
Oh Charlie, our Charlie, time for night night Mama said

Now eating is another story, but trust me, it is still very sad
When I give you something new you begin to like what you had
“Dis” and pointing, turning your head, and wanting to stand so bad
Oh Charlie, our Charlie, you are such a silly lad

When you encounter drawers, dishwashers, open doors or an open fridge
You muscle your way in and block my way (only just a smidge)
So I lift you screaming from the milk jar you left teetering on the edge
Oh Charlie, our Charlie, how you love to combine gravity and the gentle nudge

If I happen to leave any kind of remote within your reach
You reprogram the channels then I begin to hear you preach
On the joys of texting every single contact in my phone (free speech)
Oh Charlie, our Charlie, you’re our very own security breach

Your attraction to bathrooms, stairs, purses and boxes I will never understand
They pull you like a magnet and completely draw you in
You like to rearrange them until they are nothing like I planned
Oh Charlie, our Charlie, I guess it’s part of growing into a little man

"Shah" "Buh BAH" "eht" "wah" "un hunh" "ahahah" You express yourself so verbally
How can I get annoyed when you're favorite people are your sister, your daddy and me?
You could just play with toys but there's so much else to see
Oh Charlie, our Charlie, someday I'll miss the busy baby


Trying to get to the library and to take those costumes back. Clarissa had a huge Hallelujah lunch--fruit smoothie, celery, peppers, blackberries, strawberries, big carrot, cherry tomatoes, veggie cheese bagel. And cleaned her plate, and asked for more tomatoes and blackberries.

At least one of them eats!! Charlie sure likes those strawberries. I had to give him some before his nap b/c he saw me get them out.

Remember how I said they "explode" at 15 mos? (with learning, language) He has exploded, all over the house. Has an opinion, and pulls out everything. Need to babyproof some more and rearrange some things, for my sanity and maybe his safety. They were throwing/rolling those glass yogurt containers; he'd gotten all 7 out of the cabinet. And many other things, like putting her toilet seat into the toilet. She flushed the toilet while I was in here with him and I had to sprint to the bathroom b/c I knew it was going to overflow. He also says "uh uh" whether he shakes or nods his head, FYI. So the nodding is what to pay attention to.