Saturday, April 25, 2009

Luscious Legs

Ah, haven't you missed little fleshy legs? Not the big fleshy legs we see after the shower (at least in my bathroom), but the little fleshy 2-year-old legs that you want to pinch for the first week when the weather turns warm. I have been pinching away! Where have these legs been all winter? And how do they still look so much like a baby when the rest of him is starting to look so "little boy?" I have heard "Stop, please!" from Charlie more times this week than ever in his life probably. I especially like to get "the thighs" after he wakes up, because they are all chunky and sleepy tangled up in their bed. If legs had personalities, his would be when Bugs Bunny puts his "cute eyes" on, flops his ears down, and acts like a cuddly baby. Here's an ad for Charlie legs: So lusciously short and squeezy, and bowlegged to boot. Clarissa's legs scare me though--they are long and look like they will be chased after by boys soon. Enjoy the pictures, but sorry, you won't be able to squeeze them online.