Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Heart is Broken

She is only three-and-a-half (as of Friday), and she's already said the words every woman feels at one point or another: "My heart is hurt--it's broken, Mommy." Now before all women reading this freak out and wail with teary eyes, "I understand, honey! I've been there, too!", we need to get a little context here. She somehow managed to scrape her chest when we were outside so there is a red scrape right in the middle, and the above statement was said during her bath after I asked her what happened to her chest. Of course she didn't know either how it happened, but she was quite sure that her heart was broken. And right before I was leaving her room after the books, final song, back scratch, praying, water break, final words of "Don't forget to turn off the light, turn on Cinderella etc.", she said, "Don't forget the bandaid for my heart!" So I got it and positioned it and she pressed it down. If only it were always that easy! The only bad thing about it was that a couple hairs got caught in the bandaid as she was looking down admiring it while I got it in place. But she is already used to the pain of long, flowing beautiful hair. All the princesses are!

Clare's expressions are a trip--she's all about saying, "Yeah, DUDE." "I gave it to you, DUDE." Etcetera. Even Charlie says "Doo" now to be like her. Other funny words she has are "ganilla" for vanilla ice cream, "doornog" instead of doorknob, "boice" instead of voice (at bedtime she said "Pretty boice, Mom!" while I was singing "Praise God"--her name for "Amazing Grace"). She is usually so articulate I think the times she doesn't quite pronounce something right are so cute. In fact, she says so many funny things I can't keep track of them all. I journal guiltily in my head everyday, but rarely get anything written down. That is this blog's job. At dinner tonight we all laughed when she said, "It's not so bad after all!" after we had her try this egg/tuna salad concoction I made.

Charlie said "dinosaur" and "meat" at Michael and Karin's wedding last weekend, which I thought was ironic because they are very carnivorous words for a vegetarian wedding. He is also saying belly button ("bwee buh-uh"), pants ("peeps"), shoes (sounds like shoes now instead of "dooj"), orange ("awch"), and many others every day it seems. "Where's sister" was his first sentence when he didn't see her next to him in the van (we had moved her to the back so Nana wouldn't get clocked every time she got in and out during the trip to Mokey's wedding). The wedding was awesome, by the way. More on that in another post, and we're uploading pictures to our website soon.

I think tomorrow I will get out THE POOL finally, since it's been 90 degrees for like 5 days now (that's how long I have to gear myself up for something new). I have been dying to go swimming myself so I might put on a mumu or something and join them. I will probably get just as wet anyway, so might as well jump in (well, it's only a big plastic one so better not dive).

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Julie said...

"all the princesses are" - oh, I love that.
I love way more than that, but that especially.